How I Increased my Testosterone by 70% in 3 Months

Testosterone is what makes you a man.

It’s responsible for a lot in your body. But some of the main benefits of testosterone are:

  • Positive and clear thinking
  • Easy ability to put on muscle
  • High sex drive
  • Higher confidence
  • Increased appetite for risk
  • Strong bones

And if you dig deeper, you can probably find hundreds of “benefits”.

In December 2018 I had a realization:

I’ve been eating healthy since high school. I’ve always been in decent shape. I’ve always been pretty positive, but felt like I was missing my “drive”.

I decided to get my testosterone checked since some of the symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Feeling tired even after sleep

Granted, I didn’t have most of the major symptoms—like low sex drive, hairloss, increased body fat. But I felt something was off and decided to take action to make a change.

First Test

I went to the lab and got tested on December 28, 2018.

The results weren’t terrible.

  • 506 total testosterone ng/dL
  • 7.7 ng/dL free testosterone

Both are considered “normal” by today’s standards. But I knew these numbers weren’t great because I didn’t feel very good.

I left pretty determined to make some changes.

A couple weeks later, around mid-January, my friend Bitstein sent me this article:

ancient gains

My friends know I’ll try anything. And I did.

Blackout Curtains

My first target was sleep.

I had been sleeping 7-9 hours a night, but never woke up feeling ready to go.

I decided to turn my room into a sleep sanctuary.

I got blackout curtains for my room to make sure I’d be sleeping in absolute darkness.

On top of that, I got a diffuser that I’d turn on a couple hours before sleep so my room had a nice calming smell before bed.

The main reason for these changes are that your body makes testosterone and other hormones at night. It’s important to make sure your sleep is on point so any other changes you make can be of benefit to your body.

Ancient Gains put it nicely:

You could literally eat perfectly, deadlift everything and take all the right supplements, but still have low testosterone if your sleep game sucks.

Weight Lifting

There are plenty of studies (1, 2) that show weight lifting increases testosterone.

I had been lifting weights since October 2018, but in January 2019 I started squatting and deadlifting heavy.

Egg Yolks before Bed

Cholesterol gets a bad reputation, but lately studies have shown it’s not as bad as we thought.

The main link between cholesterol and testosterone is this:

But to fully explain cholesterol, you need to realize that it’s also vital to your health and well-being. Although we measure cholesterol production in the blood, it’s found in every cell in the body. The Harvard Special Health Report Managing Your Cholesterol explains cholesterol as a waxy, whitish-yellow fat and a crucial building block in cell membranes. It’s also used to make vitamin D, hormones (including testosterone and estrogen), and fat-dissolving bile acids.

Your body uses cholesterol to make testosterone. And this happens at night.

In the Ancient Gains article he talked about an “egg milk shake” that he’d take a couple hours before bed.

Here is his video on the shake:

His theory was:

Since testosterone is produced from cholesterol at night, giving your body some extra cholesterol before bed could help your body produce more.

His shake consisted of:

  • 4 pasture raised egg yolks
  • Stevia sweetener
  • Raw milk
  • Ice
  • Salt
  • water

I made my own variation of this each night, replacing the raw milk with yogurt or collagen. I had every night a couple hours before bed.

Second Test

On April 16, I went to the lab for a second test.

I felt very different than I did on December 28, 2018.

My voice was deeper. I felt more confident. I had put on 5 pounds of muscle since the first test. My shoulders were much more broad. I’d wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. My thoughts were more positive.

The results came back:

  • 796 ng/dL for total testosterone
  • 13.1 ng/dL for free testosterone

So my total testosterone at 796 ng/dL was up about 60% (from 506 ng/dL) and free testosterone at 13.1 ng/dL was up 70% (from 7.7 ng/dL).

The numbers are just numbers. But more importantly I felt 200% better about myself and my future.

Next Steps

I’m very happy with my results. I feel better and the numbers back it up. The few changes I made with sleep, eggs and lifting definitely helped.

I’m adding some more changes from the Ancient Gains article:

  • a sprint workout once a week
  • will be out in the sun at least 30 minutes per day

I’ll report back in a few months when I get my levels checked again.